Sunday, October 02, 2005

2005 Readers'Choice Awards (TechWeb)
TechWeb - Are Microsoft tools popular simply because users haven't been exposed to anything else? New questions qualify the results of our annual survey on preferred suppliers. Adobe, Business Objects, Google, IBM, Oracle, SAS, SAP and, of course, Microsoft are among the winners in 39 categories.

Baidu Facing the Music Over MP3 Function (AP)
AP - Like thousands of tech-savvy young Chinese, Samuel Ying regularly checks in at to top-up his music collection from its links to more than 4 million MP3 files.

Google Bids to Offer WiFi in San Francisco (AP)
AP - Google Inc. wants to connect all of San Francisco to the Internet with a free wireless service, creating a springboard for the online search engine leader to leap into the telecommunications industry.

Microsoft to Build PDF Support Into Office 12 (Ziff Davis)
Ziff Davis - The software kingpin also is releasing pre-Beta 1 Office 12 bits to some of its Most Valuable Professionals.

New Bans Show China's Concerns About Tech (AP)

"VisitorsAP - Two new Internet bans may offer insight into the Chinese government's biggest fears. One bars Internet news services from inciting "illegal" assemblies, marches and demonstrations; the other prohibits activities on behalf of "illegal" civil groups.

Internet Grows as Factor in Used-Book Business
In barely a decade, online booksellers have grown to account for two-thirds of the market for general-interest used books.

Must Go Well With Dog
My plan was to find the perfect jacket and then rush home to use the full powers of the Internet to get the right size.

Photoshop Elements 4.0
The latest Photoshop never forgets a face. And it isn't bad at names either.

Google Bids to Help San Francisco Go Wireless
Google ended months of speculation late Friday afternoon by submitting a proposal to offer a free wireless Internet service to the city of San Francisco.

Big Picture Beyond Photos
Stewart L. Cohen, chairman of the Polaroid Corporation, discusses why the company is primed to be reinvigorated, not liquidated.