Wednesday, September 21, 2005

CEO: Oracle to Slow Shopping Spree for Now (AP)

"OracleAP - Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison said Wednesday the business software maker probably won't make another major acquisition for at least another year to give the company ample time to assemble all the pieces snapped up during a recent $18 billion shopping spree.

Open-Source Success Roiling Software Field (Investor's Business Daily)
Investor's Business Daily - You probably paid too much for the software you're using -- not to mention the software company you've invested in.

Opera Makes Its Browser Free, With No Ads (AP)
AP - Opera Software ASA is now giving away its Web browser and removing ads in an effort to broaden its user base and capture revenues by referring traffic to search engines and e-commerce sites.

Dell Launches Flash-Memory Music Player (AP)
AP - Dell Inc., the world's largest direct computer seller, on Tuesday launched a new flash-memory digital music player designed to compete with the iPod Shuffle.

Tool Aims to Ease Academic File-Sharing (AP)
AP - Researchers at Penn State and other universities have developed a tool to more easily share or search for large academic files— using the principles most associated with trading music and movies illegally.