Monday, September 12, 2005 says to undercut's prices on books (Reuters)
Reuters - Online retailer said on Mondayit would undercut its bigger rival, offering booksat 10 percent below the price for the rest of theyear.

My ROKR doesn't rock (MacCentral)
MacCentral - It was a pretty exciting week in San Francisco as Apple unveiled the iPodnano and the MotorolaROKR (a.k.a the iTunes phone). The nano has been an incredible deviceand worked exactly as you would expect it to— unfortunately, Ican’t say the same for the ROKR.

"IPhone"could be music to Apple's ears (Reuters)
Reuters - With the help of Motorola Inc.,Apple Computer Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs finallymade good last week on his pledge to deliver a cellular phonethat plays music like an iPod, Apple's wildly successfuldigital music player.