Sunday, September 11, 2005

A columnist for theOrlando Sentinelponders the political impact of having so many New Orleans-area voters living in other states, perhaps permanently.

Even while carrying the state in 2004, Bush lost Orleans Parish by almost 110,000 votes out of fewer than 200,000 cast. Without Orleans Parish, Landrieu would not be in the Senate, and Blanco's election could have been very, very close.

Tropical Storm Ophelia ishanging outoff Florida's east coast, awaiting further orders from God. Yesterday's projected path was due west across Florida into the Gulf of Mexico. Today it's predicted towiggle towards South Carolina, butJeff Mastersbelieves it will head northeast for a few days, do-se-do, alaman right, and come back to the U.S.:

After heading east for a few days, all the models except the GFS agree that Ophelia will eventually loop back and hit the U.S. as a hurricane, perhaps even a major hurricane, seven or more days from now. The GFS takes Ophelia out to sea, but the latest NHC discussion notes that the GFS performed poorly in a similar situation withHurricane Jeannelast year, and is probably on the wrong page this time around, too.