Monday, September 05, 2005

More Parents Going High-Tech to Track Kids (AP)
AP - In this case, it isn't Big Brother who's watching— it's Big Mother (or Father). Increasingly, parents are using high-tech methods to track everything from where their children are and how far they are driving to what they buy, what they eat and whether they've shown up for class.

Skype and Tom Online create Chinese joint venture (Reuters)
Reuters - Free Internet telephone software providerSkype has formed a joint venture with China-focused Internetportal Tom Online, in a bid to boost its subscriber base in thefast-growing Asian market.

Online Advertisers Turning to Pay-Per-Call (AP)
AP - Personal-injury lawyer Frank Frasier wants the world to know about his business but didn't think much of the search-based Internet advertising that's all the rage these days. Potential clients wouldn't learn much about him through it, he figured, and he really can't tell if they have a case without speaking with them directly.

British Music Retailers Begin Digital War (AP)
AP - In a clear sign the digital music revolution is here to stay, Britain's major music retailers are going head-to-head for a slice of the burgeoning— and potentially very lucrative— Internet downloading market.

Wireless carriers back in N. Orleans (Reuters)

"AReuters - A number of wireless carriers saidthis weekend they are starting to restore service in the NewOrleans area in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, in somecases with generators on the roofs of hotels.

Donations Pour in for Katrina Relief (AP)

"JenniferAP - Americans are responding to Hurricane Katrina with a massive outpouring of giving, at times overwhelming call centers and computer servers set up by charities to field donations.

Court rules against Kazaa (Reuters)

"MusicReuters - An Australian court ruled on Monday thatusers of the popular Internet file-sharing network Kazaa werebreaching copyright, and ordered its owners to modify thesoftware to prevent online music piracy.

Firms Offer Technology for Katrina Effort (AP)

"FloodwaterAP - High-tech companies in Silicon Valley and elsewhere are offering money, equipment and expertise to help with the recovery effort and reconnect survivors in areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Aussie Court: Kazaa File-Swapping Illegal (AP)

"LawyerAP - A federal court ruled Monday that the popular file-swapping program Kazaa infringes on copyright and gave its purveyors two months to alter the system so its users can no longer engage in music piracy.

Operating Systems as Content Pushers (NewsFactor)
NewsFactor - Call it the widget revolution. Mac OS X, Windows and Linux all have widgets for pulling in available content from small software houses and other sources around the Internet.