Sunday, August 21, 2005

Daily Source Code for August 13th 2005 #222

Daily Source Code for August 13th 2005 #222

  • From Berkeley California
  • Reposted due to dns problems that dropped the enclosure
  • Directlinkto file
  • Today marks the first anniversary of my Podcast.
    • We celebrate as we are almost recovered from the flu and in SF

flu in ny
Both Patricia and I have been wheezing, coughing and aching for the past 48 hours.

I'm rarely ill, but when I catch a bug, I really have a melt-down. This sucks.

My Podcast Table
Aflickr-setof the construction of my Podcast Table

home again
11am, arrived safely in the UK. It's good to be home!

bloom on the geek
Ron Bloom isinterviewedon the Rock'n Roll Geek Show

PMN is kicking ass
Whiletheyare still bickering, we are kicking ass. We don't need yer stankin'transmitters or music. We gotour own!

in ny

We arrived safely in NY last night, flight was great, although I do appear to have some kind of flu-bug. Typical. I recorded most of the trip on the GPS, though it was hard getting a signal in the plane until we reached altitude. I’ll probably release the gpx file sometime today for you to play with in Google Earth or Google Maps.

It’s great to be back in this city with my bride of 18 years. We started our life together in Manhattan, and still feel very much New Yorkers. We took a stroll last night before bed, on a mission to find flu-medicine really, but it was perfect. The heat had dissapaited, folks were standing outside talking, smoking and drinking. There’s no place in the world like it. Prime for a sound-seeing tour, with gpx data.

Daily Source Code for August 8th 2005 #221

Daily Source Code for August 8th 2005 #221

  • From New York City
  • Directlinkto file
  • The Curry's poke their heads above the covers for an update from their vacation
  • Christina is very 15 in this episode :)

prepping 222
Sitting here in our suite prepping the 1 year anniversary DSC while listening to a brand newDigital Flotsam, which rocks as always.