Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Look Ahead at HDTV, Shot by You
Sony has released the smallest high-definition video camera yet - and at$1,750 or less, the least expensive.

Luxuries Online, and They're Real
Some luxury goods companies have begun to certify preowned fashion and accessories for resale on secondary markets.

A Search to Replace an Old Amigo
You no longer need to go to Mexico to buy a guayabera shirt. The style flourishes on the Internet like some kind of rash.

Electronica From the 1920's, Ready for Sampling
It is easy to see the theremin as a relic caught in an evolutionary time warp: at best a curiosity, at worst a kind of monstrosity with a hideous sound.

To Buy a Mac or Wait for Intel
Q. I want to buy a new iMac now, but was wondering if I should wait until the new Intel-based versions appear. Is there any reason to wait?