Saturday, August 13, 2005

ClickCommerce Updates Supply-Chain Suite (NewsFactor)
NewsFactor - Supply-chain software vendor ClickCommerce announced the availability of version 5.0 of its supply-chain-management suite, called Tradestream. The upgrade includes predictive event-management functions along with multitier process-coordination tools.

Computer Theft Case Shows Database Perils (AP)

"ScottAP - On the hunt for a hacker two years ago, security officials at data management company Acxiom Corp. discovered that an Internet address at one of its clients' contractors was taking far more data than it should have.

Digital service BurnLounge makes anyone a retailer (Reuters)
Reuters - Startup digital music companyBurnLounge wants to democratize the music retail business.

IBM, Smart Tags Helping Toyota Customize Its Cars (Investor's Business Daily)
Investor's Business Daily - The company is using radio frequency identification transmitters, also known as smart tags, to help the automaker add custom accessories to its vehicles.

TiVo Tests Internet Download Service (AP)
AP - Add TiVo Inc. to the list of companies trying to wed the Internet to television. The digital recording company will soon allow customers to download TV shows to their set-top boxes via the Internet— even before the shows air on TV.

Pirated Version of Mac OS for PCs Available (PC World)
PC World - An unauthorized version of Mac OS X for Intel or AMD-powered PCs is floating around the Net.

German Firm Eyes U.S. Linux Server Market (TechWeb)
TechWeb - Collax, a German company with new venture capital to back its Linux server technology, is planning to expand in the U.S.

Sprint, Nextel Complete$35 Billion Merger (AP)

"SprintAP - Sprint Corp.'s long awaited takeover of Nextel Communications Corp. was completed Friday, with executives from the wireless leaders now preparing for the unified company's introduction to some 40 million customers.

Huge Computer-Theft Case Gets Conviction (AP)

"ScottAP - A Florida man was convicted Friday of stealing information from data-management company Acxiom Corp. in what prosecutors said was the largest federal computer theft trial ever.