Sunday, June 12, 2005

Apple Chip Switch Opens New World for Macs (AP)
AP - In the late 1990s, Apple Computer Inc. ran TV ads mocking the Intel Corp. chips in rival Windows-based PCs: The Pentium II glued to a snail and the toasted bunny suit were supposed to suggest that Apple's Macintosh computers were simply faster.

Snocap opens up to independent artists (Reuters)
Reuters - The online music service Snocap saidon Monday that it would allow independent artists and smallrecord labels to register their songs to receive payment whenthey are traded over Internet"peer-to-peer"networks.

T-Mobile USA reaches half mln Wi-Fi users (Reuters)
Reuters - T-Mobile USA, owned by DeutscheTelekom AG (DTEGn.DE), said on Monday that almost half amillion people regularly use its Wi-Fi networks, which deliverthe Web to laptop computers via short-range radio networks.

Toshiba Revamps Its IPod Drives (PC World)
PC World - Smaller hard drives could lead to smaller digital audio players.

Rosetta is a key to Apple's Intel shift ( - Apple Computer is making the leap to Intel thanks in part to a software translation technology from a 65-person company in Los Gatos.