Thursday, September 01, 2005

Verizon Wireless Cuts Price in Promotion
Verizon Wireless has cut the price of high-speed wireless service for laptop computer users by 25 percent in a promotion aimed at winning more customers.

First the Sticker Shock, Then On to the Shock Jock
The Sirius S50 allows users to store up to 50 hours of Sirius programming or a mix of radio shows and regular MP3 song files.

Missed Church? Download It to Your IPod.
Just as Christian organizations embraced radio and television, podcasting has quickly caught on with religious groups offering spiritual recordings.

Sprint Nextel Buys Affiliates to Ease Conflicts
Sprint Nextel will buy two small wireless affiliates, resolving legal issues arising from Sprint's purchase of Nextel Communications.

Garage Rock Meets Garage Critics
Anybody who has a voice strong enough to stand out on the Web can have a real impact on the media business.

Britain to Ban Violent Sexual Images on Internet
The British government has announced plans to ban the downloading and possession of violent sexual images.

New Era of Ticket Resales: Online and Aboveboard
Ticket scalpers have not been able to shake their reputation as hustlers, but with America Online joining them, can legitimacy be far behind?

But, Ma, I Saw It on'The O.C.'
The new season of the Fox melodrama"The O.C."is days away, but teenagers needn't wait to shop a new line of bohemian Southern California fashions inspired by that hit show.


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