Friday, September 09, 2005

Podcast Complex Stool

Podcast Complex Stool
Originally uploaded byadamcurry.
Here it is in it's full glory. The Podcast Complex Stool. More pictureson the flickr pages. It's fantastic! Made today's show much better :)

Podsafe Music Network Terms updated
As announced onyesterday'sDaily Source Code, we've changed the podcastertermson thePodSafe Music Network. This is a great example of how the web works; it started with aposton Boing Boing and was followed by a host ofpile-jumpers. Although a personal email would have been preferred, it certainly got my attention.

After reviewing the terms and feedback we decided to change the termsto more suitable language. Everyone seems happy with them, and we'realways open to suggestions.

civilian pilots help refused
Americas Amber Alert News Center:"Ex Military Pilots with civilian experience with their own expenses and aircraft have been refused airspace. Every effort yesterday to get into bring food and water were refused."

Daily Source Code for Tuesday August 30th 2005 #231
Daily Source Code for Tuesday August 30th 2005 #231

▼   Daily Source Code for Tuesday August 30th 2005 #231

      From Curry Cottage, Guildford, United Kingdom

      DirectLinkto the show

      Shownotes FullOutline

      ShowNotes inOPML

   Hurricane not as bad as expected?

   MTV Awards

   Mashup: Hollaback Girls Feel Good - Arty Fufkin [Site]

▶   Driving music sales through podcasting

▶   MP3 Licensing

▶   The New Shownotes

   Promo: Mac Gab [Site]

   Promo: KZFO Micronational Radio [Site]

▶   BioDiesl Cont...

▶   Teenagers cont.

   Mashup: Imagine This - Wax Audio [Site]

   Promo: Yeast Radio[Site]

▼   Feedback PodcastCon UK  [Site]

      Via The Tartan Podccast [Site]

▶   Happy Birthday email

▶   Lybia, Syria?

▶   PodSafe: Cruisebox - Heard it on a Podcast [Site]

   Hit Test #53 [Site]

I'm in the hotel, my makeshift studio is all set up. I just finishedsome Sirius shows, but the hotel connectivity is really slow. PerhapsI'll do DSC tonite, hit the upload and go to bed...


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