Saturday, June 25, 2005

GMail Wireless
I just enabled my Sony Ericsson wap based phone to access my gmail account(s) through a fantastic (free) service:Gmail Wireless.Treo? We don't need no stinkin'Treo!

20th century sweatshop
Writers Guild of America:"The secret about reality TV isn't that it's scripted, which it is,"Mr. Petrie said in a statement."The secret is that reality TV is a 21st-century telecommunications industry sweatshop."

quickie update
Wow, hasn't happened in a long time that I didn't have the opportunityto even post on my blog, let alone do a source code.... Lots going onhere in Podshow land, we'll be back tomorrow!

Daily Source Code for June 21st 2005 #197

Daily Source Code for June 21st 2005 #197

  • From Curry Cottage in Guildford UK
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  • Portions of this show not work safe
  • Mashup: PartyBen>>Tegan Sara vs. Mylo - Walking with a ghost in Paris [Site]
  • Promo: Sushi Radio [Site]
  • Promo: More hip than hippie [Site]
  • Promo: Keith and the Girl [Site]
  • Podsafe: Feet of Clay - She said [Site]
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Bad Fruit smells fishy
SF Chronicle:"At this point, there is no official indication of BadFruit's origin. Buta handful of signs seem to link the site to, the online songstore opened a few months ago by founder Michael Robertson."

Father's Day
I awoke around 9:45 today, my daughter, fully dressed and made up(she's almost 15 remember) with a tray of breakfast and a single longstemmed rose. Was I dreaming? Most parents of teenagers know they don'temerge from their hibernation before 11am on weekends! Ah yes, father'sday. I don't care how hokey or commercial this event has become,nothing beats seeing the twinkle in the eyes of your child when they dotheir utmost to say'I love you'.

I love you too baby!

Speaking of love, a lot of it is flowing from the MommyCasters today as they roll out their Father's Dayeditionof the podcast.

And as I write this, under the shade of our back porch overlooking the downs, I'm listening to P-Dubs latestincarnationof Digital Flotsam, the'God Bless the Child'edition. Dad's everywhere will love it.

Microsoft works on own BitTorrent
BBC:"Microsoft works on own BitTorrent"

Daily Source Code for June 16th 2005 #195

Daily Source Code for June 16th 2005 #195

  • From Curry Cottage in Guildford UK
  • Directlinkto the show
  • Mashup: Rock it like it's lobster - B52's vs. Snoop Dogg [Site]
  • Using a new beta ofMegaSeg
  • MegathankstoAronfor the Weezer experience!
  • Podsafe: Chrissy - Gonna be [Site]
  • Promo: MXL Podcast [Site]
  • Promo: Life By The Drop [Site]
  • A mesage from Don Katz, CEO ofAudible
  • Mashup: I ain't got daughters - c.h.a.o.s. productions [Site]
  • Promo: Frat Pack Podcast [Site]
  • Promo: My Life Bytes [Site]
  • Podsafe: Jimmy Griswold - I hate this business [Site]
  • Jan Polet's HitTest #44 [Site]
  • Lacivious Biddies - Headed South [Site]
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Google Maps Crap
here's agoogle mapthat is making the rounds in the Benelux. It shows Belgium and The Netherlands in the wrong spots. Belgium, isbelowHolland. Interestingly, when you zoom in a bit, the names are placed correctly.


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Google News

Google gives up on Gmail name in U.K. (ZDNet India)
Google stopped using the Gmail name in the United Kingdom on Wednesday, ending a trademark dispute for now. (Read more...)

Gmail: Just a Bit Too Quirky (CRM Knowledge Base)
Give the Google team credit. They rethought e-mail down to its very roots, then last year created Gmail, a revolutionary form of Web mail. (Read more...)

Is Google Spreading Itself Too Thin? (InformationWeek)
In This Issue: 1. Editor's Note: Is Google Spreading Itself Too Thin? 2. Today's Top Story - Coming From Microsoft: 'Hosted Everything' - Opinion: Natural-Born Microsoft Killers - Trying To Ease Linux Server Management In A Microsoft Environment - Microsoft To Launch Online Book-Search Project 3. Breaking News - Google Testing Possible EBay Competition - Supreme Court Opens Prospect Of U.S. (Read more...)

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