Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wi-Fi: Pumping Up the Volume (BusinessWeek Online)
BusinessWeek Online - In radio's early days, engineers learned that signals bounce off obstacles between the transmitter and the receiver and often arrive at the target antenna via multiple paths. Because these paths vary in length, the waves arrive slightly out of sync. The resulting babble of overlapping signals can confuse the receiver. But this curse has now been turned into a benefit that can extend the range of your Wi-Fi network.

Philips to make large gain on NAVTEQ sale (Reuters)
Reuters - Europe's biggest consumer electronicsgroup, Philips , said on Thursday it stood to make abook gain of up to 750 million euros ($965 million) from thesale of its stake in digital mapping firm NAVTEQ .

With Lenovo, from Legend to IBM (BusinessWeek Online)
BusinessWeek Online - On May 2, Chinese computer maker Lenovo ( completed its historic$1.25 billion takeover of the IBM PC division, creating a company with$13 billion in sales and 8% of the worldwide PC market (see BW, 5/9/05,"East Meets West, Big-Time"). It also marked the occasion for 61-year-old co-founder Liu Chuanzhi to step down as board chairman of the company he helped create some 21 years ago. Liu met with BusinessWeek Beijing Bureau Chief Dexter Roberts at Lenovo headquarters in northwest Beijing in late April to reflect on how far his company has come. ...

Yahoo Video Search Tool Out of Test Phase (AP)
AP - Yahoo Inc. shifted its online video search tool out of its test phase Wednesday, marking another step in the Internet powerhouse's plan to use other media to lure more visitors to its Web site.

Army to Get Energy-Converting Sheeting (AP)
AP - The Army is bringing to the battlefield flexible plastic sheeting that converts light into energy— technology that could someday find its way into the casing of laptops or even clothing to power portable devices.

Review: Cheaper Laptops Full of Features (AP)
AP - When you're buying something as pricey as a new laptop, it takes courage to stray from the comfort of established names like Dell, IBM and Sony. And it's the sort of courage that can easily lead to"penny-wise, pound-foolish"regrets after the purchase.

Internet Cuts Need for Bike Messengers (AP)
AP - Bicycle messengers once crowded downtown traffic to deliver court papers, business documents and blueprints. Today, only one such company and one lone courier pump along on any given workday in Maine's biggest city.

QLogic Corp. Fourth-Quarter Earnings Leap (AP)
AP - QLogic Corp., a designer of switches, controllers, host bus adapters, and management software designed for storage area networks, said Wednesday its fourth-quarter earnings rose sharply, boosted by record revenue.

Apple Posts 20 Patches For Panther OS (TechWeb)
TechWeb - Apple releases a mega security update to Panther, Mac OS X 10.3.9, that plugged a whopping 20 holes, including several that could be exploited remotely.


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