Friday, May 06, 2005

Tip: Getting Dreamweaver to Run on Tiger (Ziff Davis)
Ziff Davis - When Sean Gallagher installed Mas OS X Tiger on an iMac G5, Macromedia Dreamweaver hung up trying to"reactivate."Fortunately, the fix was pretty easy.

Axe to fall heavily at IBM, unions fear (Reuters)
Reuters - IBM employees in France are bracing forbigger job cuts than the 800 to 1,000 posts that unions saywere already set to go before the world's largest computercompany unveiled a far-reaching restructuring this week.

Court Blocks TV Anti-Piracy Tech Rules (AP)
AP - People buying the next generation of digital televisions will be able to record and then watch their favorite shows later, after all.

Intel's CEO says WiMAX competitive with DSL, cable (Reuters)
Reuters - Intel Corp. Chief Executive CraigBarrett said on Friday that new wireless high-speed datatechnologies would be competitive with Internet links providedby cable and phone companies.

Review: OpenOffice a Strong Competitor (AP)
AP - It's weird how things can come back to bite you. Microsoft Corp. killed off the competition for office software suites and became a de facto monopoly in the area, with what result? The competition is back and, this time, it's free!

AOL Mixing More Free And Pay Services (Investor's Business Daily)
Investor's Business Daily - America Online is doing two things at once, but both have the same goal: boosting revenue and profit for what remains the largest Internet service provider.

Anti-Piracy'Flag'Was Never Popular (AP)
AP - The consumer technology industry never embraced the"broadcast flag."The idea of embedding computer code in video to prevent it from getting loose on the Internet wouldn't just frustrate consumers but also stifle innovation and drive up costs, many in the tech industry say. And that's presuming the scheme is technically feasible. Founder Fights Fraud (AP)
AP - The number of people who use is expanding at more than 100 percent per year— a growth rate any venture capitalist would covet.

Big media companies weigh blog strategies (Reuters)
Reuters - Internet blog Engadget created a stiramong digital game lovers when it wrote that Microsoft Corpwill give away thousands of its new Xbox video gameconsoles in a promotion with soda maker PepsiCo
Bloggers Learning Tools of Reporting (AP)
AP - Bloggers— those Internet-based writers without rules— are fighting back against criticism that their work is unreliable, libelous or just poorly written.


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