Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Text streaming service lets users read material as fast as they can ( - Today's mobile phones are as versatile as ever, but you wouldn't ever want to read a magazine article or book on that tiny little screen. Or would you?

Microsoft Unveils New Windows Mobile (AP)
AP - Microsoft Corp. unveiled Tuesday a new version of its Windows operating system for mobile devices that adds such features as PowerPoint viewing while making it easier for gadget makers to equip phones and handheld computers with typewriter keyboards and iPod-sized hard drives.

Talisma Releases 5.0 (NewsFactor)
NewsFactor - Talisma has rolled out 5.0 slightly more than a month after it acquired, a provider of hosted and on-site Knowledge Management software for customer support and self-service.

Information Leaks Too Fast for Microsoft (AP)
AP - The difficulty of keeping secrets in the instantaneous age of the Internet and digital cameras should come as no surprise to the world's leading technology company, Microsoft Corp. But this week, the behemoth software maker apparently was caught off guard.


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