Monday, May 02, 2005

Survey: TV for Mobile Phones Set to Reach Masses (Reuters)
Reuters - About 125 million consumers will bewatching television on their mobile phone in five years fromnow, a new survey found on Thursday.

Lenovo Completes IBM Division Acquisition (AP)
AP - Chinese computer maker Lenovo has completed its$1.75 billion purchase of IBM's personal computer division, creating the world's third-largest PC maker, the company said Sunday.

Inmates Use Intermediaries to Go Online (AP)
AP - Keith Maydak's jail cells are roomier than most. Must be all that cyberspace. State and federal prisons don't let inmates use Internet computers behind bars— and the Allegheny County Jail doesn't either. Yet Maydak has answered a reporter's e-mails from the Pittsburgh jail, and later an Ohio lockup, while he awaits sentencing for violating probation on a 900-number phone scam that cost AT&T$550,000 dollars.

Open-Source Thinking Taps a Rich Vein (TechWeb)
TechWeb - Open-source thinking helps Goldcorp mine a rich vein -- literally.

Sirius to Offer'Podcast'Show (AP)
AP - Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. is latching onto the"podcasting"phenomenon, launching a show later this month that will feature a daily selection of the increasingly popular do-it-yourself audio programs.

2004 Internet Ad Rev Surpasses Dotcom Boom Levels (Reuters)
Reuters - U.S. Internet advertising surged 33percent in 2004 to a record$9.6 billion, surpassing levelsseen during the early Web boom, and will grow at a similar ratein 2005, according to data released on Thursday.


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