Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Sun plans to unveil `connection'services (SiliconValley.com)
SiliconValley.com - Sun Microsystems plans to unveil today a host of"connection"services that would give customers automatic downloads of new software updates and help them check on the health of their computer systems.

'Tags'Ease Sifting of Digital Data (AP)
AP - Here's how we tend to organize our digital photos: We stick them into a folder on our computer and label it"Hawaii trip,"or whatever. Here's a new way: Forget folders or albums. Just"tag"the photos based on what's actually in each frame. Now, extrapolate this concept to the ideas, images, videos— and people— you meet or wish to find online. If they're properly tagged, they're far easier to find.

Sirius to Offer'Podcast'Show (AP)
AP - Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. is latching onto the"podcasting"phenomenon, launching a show later this month that will feature a daily selection of the increasingly popular do-it-yourself audio programs.


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