Monday, May 09, 2005

Sun Microsystems Expands Around Globe (AP)
AP - Sun Microsystems Inc. has chosen four of its facilities around the world to take the place of its Silicon Valley office as the research and development hub, the U.S. computer hardware and software maker said on Friday.

Palm To Debut New Line of PDAs But Remains Mum on Details (NewsFactor)
NewsFactor - Palm (Nasdaq: PALM) is remaining tight-lipped about its next-generation handheld -- which will offer a 4-GB hard drive -- despite a premature listing on (Nasdaq: AMZN) that offered a peek at the device last week.

Big Firms'Ad Bucks Also Fund Spyware (Los Angeles Times)
Los Angeles Times - Blue-chip companies are sponsoring more than TV shows and golf tournaments to promote their products: They are inadvertently underwriting computer spyware too.

Review: OpenOffice a Strong Competitor (AP)
AP - It's weird how things can come back to bite you. Microsoft Corp. killed off the competition for office software suites and became a de facto monopoly in the area, with what result? The competition is back and, this time, it's free!


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