Friday, May 06, 2005

Spokane Paper Risked Scoop by Tipping Off Mayor to Probe (Editor and Publisher)
Editor and Publisher - NEW YORK Near the end of the three-year investigation that led to a front-page story today alleging sexual misconduct by the mayor of Spokane, Wash., the Spokesman-Review there took an unusual step -- hiring a"forensic computer expert"to verify Mayor Jim West's online activities by posing as a young man.

Microsoft to Offer Technology Licensing (AP)
AP - Microsoft Corp. is trying to make some money off some of its spare technology, offering entrepreneurs and venture capitalists licenses to such inventions as tamperproof identification card software and computer tricks that make chintzy speakers sound top-notch.

Apple Grabs More of Flash Market (NewsFactor)
NewsFactor - Apple Computer's (Nasdaq: AAPL) iPod Shuffle has expanded its share of the U.S. flash player MP3 market, growing from 43 percent in February to 58 percent in March, according to research firm NPD.

Review: Cheaper Laptops Full of Features (AP)
AP - When you're buying something as pricey as a new laptop, it takes courage to stray from the comfort of established names like Dell, IBM and Sony. And it's the sort of courage that can easily lead to"penny-wise, pound-foolish"regrets after the purchase.

Qualcomm Adds Linux Support To 3G Chipsets (TechWeb)
TechWeb - CDMA chipset vendor adds Linux support to one product now and will include it in future 3G chipsets.

REVIEW: OpenOffice a Strong Competitor (AP)
AP - It's weird how things can come back to bite you. Microsoft Corp. killed off the competition for office software suites and became a de facto monopoly in the area, with what result? The competition is back and, this time, it's free!


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