Tuesday, May 10, 2005

safe in san francisco
Developments in NY have led to a brief trip to the west coast afterall. Now I'm really jet lagged :) I've got some exciting news to reportin tomorrow's Daily Source Code!

Amsteram 2005
Amsterdam 2005:"Then just as quickly as it began, it was over. I was standing up on myown, and our attackers were fleeing. There had been dozens of people onthe streetcorner, but none of them had acted or even yelled anything."

In The Apple again
Goodmorning from New York! It's early thursday and the next 2 days arebooked solid (that's a good thing). Part of the schedue is thestrategy'castRon and I have been working on. It will be online tonite, in your mp3 player tomorrow.

Time to make some damn announcements.

Podshow Startegy Cast 2.0
As promised, the PodshowStrategy'cast 2.0Recorded on location in NewYork. In this podcast we discuss the past, present and future. 2 [tired] guys,an iRiver and acoat hanger...

Recht Voor Z'n Raap Podcast for May 8th 2005

Recht Voor Z'n Raap Podcast for May 8th 2005

Patricia and I hijack the DSC podcast feed for our own podcast, in Dutch.


(As a test, this is alsoavailableas a torrent file)


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