Monday, May 02, 2005

Inmates Use Intermediaries to Go Online (AP)
AP - Keith Maydak's jail cells are roomier than most. Must be all that cyberspace. State and federal prisons don't let inmates use Internet computers behind bars— and the Allegheny County Jail doesn't either. Yet Maydak has answered a reporter's e-mails from the Pittsburgh jail, and later an Ohio lockup, while he awaits sentencing for violating probation on a 900-number phone scam that cost AT&T$550,000 dollars.

'Tags'Ease Sifting of Digital Data (AP)
AP - Here's how we tend to organize our digital photos: We stick them into a folder on our computer and label it"Hawaii trip,"or whatever. Here's a new way: Forget folders or albums. Just"tag"the photos based on what's actually in each frame. Now, extrapolate this concept to the ideas, images, videos— and people— you meet or wish to find online. If they're properly tagged, they're far easier to find.

Q&A with Hector Ruiz on AMD’s future (InfoWorld)
InfoWorld - The past five years have not been easy for AMD CEO Hector Ruiz. But after racking up more than$1 billion in losses, his company finally turned things around in 2004. With the launch of its first dual-core Opteron processors late last month, AMD has the jump on rival Intel’s server chips, an area where AMD has been gaining momentum. Ruiz spoke with Tom Krazit and Robert McMillan of the IDG News Service.

Windows rolls into the 64-bit era (InfoWorld)
InfoWorld - Microsoft last week delivered its first 64-bit server and desktop versions of Windows, and immediately set out to encourage hardware developers to deliver systems that will make 64-bit computing common across the industry.

News briefs (InfoWorld)
InfoWorld - Microsoft, SAP link Office, ERPMicrosoft and SAP plan to deliver a jointly developed product later this year that links SAP’s ERP software and Microsoft’s Office products, the companies said. The product, code-named Mendocino, is the first joint product from Microsoft and SAP. It stems from an agreement Microsoft and SAP struck last year to integrate their respective .Net and NetWeaver platforms. Mendocino will connect Office 2003 with the current version of MySAP ERP.


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