Wednesday, May 04, 2005

In Brief: Eiffel releases tool for authoring ASP.Net pages (InfoWorld)
InfoWorld - Eiffel Software has released Eiffel for ASP.Net, a free tool for developing dynamic Web sites and Web applications in Eiffel. Eiffel's Design by Contract feature makes it easy to write bug-free code to build business-critical applications. The tool runs with the latest Eiffel compiler on both Versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the .Net Framework.

Gates touts Xbox, takes jabs at Apple ( - SEATTLE - An uncharacteristically relaxed, witty Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates gave a wide-ranging talk Monday about the future of technological innovation, while dropping hints about the company's coming Xbox game system and taking mild shots at Apple Computer's rival operating system.

Can Open Source Trust Microsoft? (Ziff Davis)
Ziff Davis - Opinion: Or, can a sheep trust a lion? I don't think so.

New Computers Make Grocery Carts Smarter (AP)
AP - New supermarket carts equipped with touch screens will guide you to the tomatoes or toothpicks, let you order deli meat without standing in line and keep a running tally of your purchases.

Speakeasy launches wireless broadband in Seattle (Reuters)
Reuters - Speakeasy Inc., a privately ownedInternet broadband provider, on Wednesday launched an Internetaccess service for businesses using new wireless technologythat it said was faster and easier to deploy than its currentbroadband service.


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