Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Home in the cottage
I arrived safely at the cottage an hour ago. Good to be home, but I'mwiped from the trip and bag/traffic delays so the source code will haveto wait until tomorrow. Lots to talk about.

Podshow Startegy Cast 2.0
As promised, the PodshowStrategy'cast 2.0Recorded on location in NewYork. In this podcast we discuss the past, present and future. 2 [tired] guys,an iRiver and acoat hanger...

Recht Voor Z'n Raap Podcast for May 8th 2005

Recht Voor Z'n Raap Podcast for May 8th 2005

Patricia and I hijack the DSC podcast feed for our own podcast, in Dutch.


(As a test, this is alsoavailableas a torrent file)

Daily Source Code for May 2nd 2005

Daily Source Code for May 2nd 2005

From the Clift Hotel in San Francisco

Direct link tomp3

This show includes an excitingannouncementabout
and Sirius Radio as well as new podcast promos, podsafe music
from'Out of Warranty'and Jan Polet's Hit Test

Runtime: 40 minutes

Daily Source Code for May 6th 2005

Daily Source Code for May 6th 2005

Radio and Record legend Steve Leeds visited the cottage this lovelyfriday afternoon and I sat him down for a trip down memory lane intoday's'cast

  • From the Cottage in Guildford UK
  • Directlinkto the show

Amsteram 2005
Amsterdam 2005:"Then just as quickly as it began, it was over. I was standing up on myown, and our attackers were fleeing. There had been dozens of people onthe streetcorner, but none of them had acted or even yelled anything."

Happy Birthday Dave!
Been running around like crazy here on the west coast, hooking up withMichael Butler and Steve Gillmor for after dinner drinks before I headhome tomorrow. A big Happy Birthday toDave, who turns 50 today. As wesayin Holland: Say hi to Abraham!

Gillmor Gang to return
Steve Gillmor:"In addition to reincarnating the Gillmor Gang, I will also deliver a daily program, ironically called Gillmor Daily"

BMI Podcast License
BMI, the'other'ASCAP,announceditspodcasttoday.Licensingis available to podcasters, but we ain't out of the woods yet, according to BMI:"You will needto secureadditionallicensingfrom music publishersand record labels for mechanical rights in the underlyingmusical works and for uses of master sound recordingsin your podcast."

Essentially this means without permission from the label or publisher(whoever owns the'master'), you still can't play a song on your'cast.
At least this part of the equation is solved, but I have my doubtsabout the labels, who will undoubtedly want their piece of the pie.Meanwhle, back at the ranch, building continues on the Podsafe MusicNetwork.

Podshow Test Run

Podshow Test Run

I spent several hours this morning troubleshooting the 4Mb line at the cottage.
British Telecom is once again the culprit. So that disrupted today's schedule, luckily there's always Starbucks :)

So, today, inlieuof a Source Code, check out a test run of what the Podshow on Sirius will sound like.

It was an interesting experience to create this kind of show, because of the linear nature I automatically clicked into
'broadcast mode', teasing upcoming elements etc. So as you listen tothis first hour, imagine you are in your car with the sound comingthrough the speakers, definitely a different experience from podcasting.

Feedback is welcome!


As you can see from the logoutputof the production system, there is still a lot left to be desired when it comes to folks completingalltheir ID3 tags. The comments field is great for urls.


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