Sunday, May 01, 2005

Extended Pings in Weblog Pinger
Dave Winer addedRSS supportto Weblogs.Com this morning, making it possible to send an extended ping message to the service that includes the address of a site's RSS feed.

This will make it easier for services that are built atop Weblogs.Com, such asTechnoratiandGigaDial, to incorporate RSS feeds.

I haveextended my pingerto support this new feature.

Weblog-Pinger, an open source class library for PHP, can send update notification pings over five XML-RPC services that monitor new weblog content.

Fame or Something Like It
I wasn't prepared to be famous for 24 hours, but now that myweblog traffichas subsided to normal levels, I can relate some of the experience. The rest has to be filtered through therapy first.

For anyone wondering how I became a television personality as well-known for a day as theVirgin Mary grilled cheese, my friendMatt Haugheyhas digitized the interview on theToday Showwhere I talk aboutBenedictXVI.Com.

After theToday Show, I began receiving calls from TV producers. Almost to a person, they were fast-talking, Type A females who sounded likeAngelina JolieonLife or Something Like Itbefore she learned you don't have to become Stockard Channing to be truly happy. One even berated her assistant while talking to me, effortlessly switching the tone of her voice from sweet to"that better be a double shot espresso or you're on the next bus to Topeka."

These women are relentless; they will not take no for an answer. My friendJonathan Bournehas produced several talk shows, and he said I could have gotten some free swag from the programs by playing hard to get.

I caved too quickly for even a singlecoffee mug-- one flattering remark about my hair and I was asking where to show up. I had to disconnect my phone that afternoon, afraid of what else I'd agree to do.

I've saved avoicemail messagefrom Maryam Ayromlou, the MSNBC producer who asked me to appear onCountdown with Keith Olbermann.

This isn't the recording of Ayromlou I wish I had. I love Olbermann's show, but a few hours after agreeing to be on it, I called her to chicken out.

"I've spent money,"Ayromlou responded, referring to the en-route Orlando TV crew and a conference room booking for the remote. In the nicest way possible, over a several-minute call, she gave me the impression that if I backed out, there would be no place on Earth I could hide from her. I've never been more frightened of a person in my life.

I appeared onCountdownas planned.


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