Saturday, May 07, 2005 Founder Eyes Journalism (AP)
AP - The number of people who use is expanding at more than 100 percent per year— a growth rate any venture capitalist would covet. But the people who run the 10-year-old community Web site, which gets 8 million unique users and more than 2 billion page views per month, seem to have little interest in exploiting new sources of revenue, going public or even adding to their 18-person staff.

Siebel dogged by talk of takeover ( - Siebel Systems on Thursday tried to dismiss recent speculation that it was in takeover talks with Oracle -- or anyone else.

Court Strikes Down TV Anti-Piracy Rules (AP)
AP - People buying the next generation of digital televisions will be able to record and then watch their favorite shows without any interference from Hollywood. A federal appeals court on Friday threw out government rules requiring built-in, anti-piracy technology to let broadcasters and studios prevent digital shows from being copied and being shown on other TVs, computers and video players.

Nokia antes up new wireless player (Reuters)
Reuters - Nokia AB, the world's leadingmobile phone manufacturer, has introduced what is by far themost advanced combination of wireless phone and MP3 player,upping the ante for devices hoping to compete against AppleComputer's iPod.


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