Friday, May 27, 2005

Ask Jeeves Improves Response Time (AP)
AP - Question: What well-known Internet search engine continues to lag industry leaders no matter how smart it becomes? Answer: Ask Jeeves Inc.

Mad as hell, switching to Mac (MacCentral)
MacCentral - This is my first column written on a Mac - ever. Maybe I should have done it a long time ago, but I never said I was smart, just obstinate. I was a PC bigot.

Intel Launches Dual-Core Chips for PCs (AP)
AP - Intel Corp. unveiled its first mainstream home PC microprocessor with two computing engines on a single chip Thursday and vowed to sell millions of them by the end of the year.

EarthLink Offers$69.99 Subsidized PC (Ziff Davis)
Ziff Davis - Xandros and Earthlink said Thursday that customers who sign up for Earthlink's premium dial-up service can purchase a Microtel Pc for only$69.99, which comes bundled with a Xandros Linux operating system.

Lawyers, others questions radio TIVO-like devices (Reuters)
Reuters - It's like Tivo for radio, but is itlegal?

Review: Cooking Up Recipes Online (AP)
AP - I had six pounds of rhubarb, 40-plus cookbooks and a computer. Where to look for a recipe? Despite the cookbooks, I find the Web is often the best place to satisfy a food craving or help me figure out what's for dinner.

Hitachi, IBM extend interoperability deal (InfoWorld)
InfoWorld - Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) and IBM have extended their technology interoperability agreement and have also agreed to increase the compatibility of their storage systems.

Woman Sues Yahoo Over Nude Photos (AP)
AP - A woman sued Yahoo Inc. for$3 million, alleging the Internet site failed to fulfill a promise to remove nude pictures of her from the Web.

Intel Unveils Pentium D and New Business Chipsets (NewsFactor)
NewsFactor - Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) on Thursday unveiled two new platforms for home and office PCs. The new platforms, consisting of hardware and software technologies, are designed to provide consumers with the ability to handle more digital content simultaneously and to provide businesses with the ability to enhance PC security and systems management remotely.


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