Friday, May 06, 2005

AOL Mixing More Free And Pay Services (Investor's Business Daily)
Investor's Business Daily - America Online is doing two things at once, but both have the same goal: boosting revenue and profit for what remains the largest Internet service provider.

Axe to fall heavily at IBM, unions fear (Reuters)
Reuters - IBM employees in France are bracing forbigger job cuts than the 800 to 1,000 posts that unions saywere already set to go before the world's largest computercompany unveiled a far-reaching restructuring this week.

Review: OpenOffice a Strong Competitor (AP)
AP - It's weird how things can come back to bite you. Microsoft Corp. killed off the competition for office software suites and became a de facto monopoly in the area, with what result? The competition is back and, this time, it's free!

Appeals court strikes down rule on digital TV copy protection (AFP)
AFP - A US appeals court struck down a regulation requiring makers of television sets to be equipped with technology to prevent unauthorized copying of digital broadcasts.

Court Blocks TV Anti-Piracy Tech Rules (AP)
AP - People buying the next generation of digital televisions will be able to record and then watch their favorite shows later, after all.

Tip: Getting Dreamweaver to Run on Tiger (Ziff Davis)
Ziff Davis - When Sean Gallagher installed Mas OS X Tiger on an iMac G5, Macromedia Dreamweaver hung up trying to"reactivate."Fortunately, the fix was pretty easy.

Catalyst Releases New Supply Chain Software (NewsFactor)
NewsFactor - Supply chain software vendorCatalyst International, Inc. has released CatalystComplete 9.2, an upgraded application suite that supports the core technology stack of IBM (NYSE: IBM) and targets easy integration with SAP (NYSE: SAP) or other warehouse management systems.

Intel's CEO says WiMAX competitive with DSL, cable (Reuters)
Reuters - Intel Corp. Chief Executive CraigBarrett said on Friday that new wireless high-speed datatechnologies would be competitive with Internet links providedby cable and phone companies.


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