Friday, April 29, 2005

Microsoft Shares Up on Strong 3Q Profit (AP)
AP - Shares of Microsoft Corp. rose Friday after the world's largest software maker reported a third-quarter profit that nearly doubled from a year ago, despite sales that fell short of Wall Street forecasts due to leaner licensing business and a sharp drop in the dollar's value.

Taiwan's Acer profit rises in first quarter (AFP)
AFP - Acer Inc., Taiwan's top personal computer maker, said its net profit in the first quarter rose 54.6 percent from a year earlier to 2.15 billion Taiwan dollars (68 million US).

European Digital Library Is Proposed (AP)
AP - Six European leaders jointly proposed Thursday that works contained in European libraries be made accessible online, in what they called a"European digital library."

Bahrain Site Registration Sparks Protests (AP)
AP - All Web sites operating in Bahrain must register with the country's Information Ministry under a new government mandate that has provoked protests from an international watchdog for press freedom.

Tiger Server Roars, Too (Ziff Davis)
Ziff Davis - Analysis: Tiger Server bridges the worlds of open source, Unix and Windows, and may be the key to finally gaining Apple a foothold in the corporate data center.

Verizon Pulling Plug on Free NYC Wi-Fi (AP)
AP - Verizon Communications Inc. is turning off the free wireless Internet access it beams from New York City telephone booths for DSL subscribers who use laptops away from home or the office.

Spitzer Sues Intermix Over'Spyware'(AP)
AP - New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer sued a major Internet marketer Thursday, blaming it for secretly installing software that delivers nuisance pop-up advertisements and can slow and crash personal computers.

More details emerge on TigerDirect lawsuit (MacCentral)
MacCentral - Systemax Inc. subsidiary Tiger Direct Inc. has filed suit against Apple to prevent the company from using the word“Tiger” to describe its new Mac OS X v10.4 operating system, which goes on sale worldwide at 6 p.m. local time on Friday, April 29, 2005. The company claims that Apple is creating brand confusion by marketing Mac OS X v10.4 as“Tiger” and has asked the United States District Court for the District of Florida for a temporary restraining order and injunction.

Mobile phone virus spreads to 20 countries (AFP)
AFP - A virus that spreads from cell phone to cell phone has made its way to 20 different countries around the world, a Finnish anti-virus expert said.

Just what is an ESB, anyway? (InfoWorld)
InfoWorld - Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technology has sparked a debate in the integration space. Players in the ESB arena agree this newfangled technology is critical in providing a mechanism for application integration in service-oriented architectures (SOAs). However, vendors do not agree on whether an ESB is an actual product or merely a concept, even though various providers are selling software that they have labeled an ESB.


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