Friday, April 29, 2005

Australian study uses mobile phones to monitor teen angst (AFP)
AFP - Australian researchers are planning to use teenagers'love of mobile phones to help monitor adolescent depression and pick up warning signs of potentially suicidal behaviour.

Apple Computer's Mac OS X'Tiger'Now on Sale (Reuters)
Reuters - Apple Computer has unleashed theTiger.

Apple's"Tiger"aims to take a bite out of Microsoft,"Longhorn"(AFP)
AFP - Apple Computer sharpened its focus on the personal computer market with the release of a new operating system called"Tiger"that aims to take a bigger bite out of the market dominated by Microsoft.

Coalition Forms To Protect Cookies ( - A coalition of agencies, publishers and measurement firms hopes to head off a consumer revolt against Internet tracking cookies.

Cinema Owners Seek to Curb Phone Rage (AP)
AP - New Zealand cinema owners may use mobile phone jamming technology to stop mid-movie calls, text messaging— and cell phone rage among patrons, they said Friday.


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